Directions to the Hatchery and Spawning Grounds

Directions to the Black River Streamside Rearing Facility

Address: 7891 Klieber Rd, Onaway, MI 49765

  1. Exit Interstate 75 NB/SB at exit 310 (Indian River).
  2. Turn East toward Onaway, MI onto M68.
  3. Follow M68 for 13.2 miles.
  4. Turn North (left) onto Brady Road.
  5. Follow Brady Road for 1.7 miles.
  6. Turn East (right) onto Klieber Road.
  7. Follow Klieber Road over Klieber dam (NO COMMERCIAL VECHICLES) for 1.6 miles.
  8. The hatchery is the second road on the left after crossing the dam. Please note the gate will be open.

Directions to the sturgeon spawning area (Site B)

  1. Follow M-68 East toward Onaway
  2. Turn North (left) on FO5 (South Black River Rd.)
  3. Follow South Black River Road for 3.9 miles
  4. Turn West (left) onto South Black River Road
  5. Follow South Black River Road for 1.0 miles
  6. Turn west (left) onto Red Bridge Road at the trailhead (note the Sturgeon for Tomorrow signage here).
  7. Pass the trailhead and follow the signage on the wooded road to Site B.
    1. Please note – this undeveloped seasonal road can be difficult to pass for large vehicles and features a steep graveled exit hill.
    2. A school bus can navigate this road, but any large commercial vehicles may struggle.
    3. Small vehicles (compact cars / electric vehicles) may also struggle to pass on this road which is sandy in some places.