Great Lakes Lake Sturgeon Genetics


Genetics is a synthetic discipline composed of several
major sub-fields that can be coarsely characterized as:

          • Molecular Genetics
          • Population Genetics
          • Quantitative Genetics





DNA is the basic molecule of life.  DNA provides the raw material for the future evolution of all organisms.  It’s only been in the last several decades, however, that genetics research focused on natural populations of fish and wildlife has been able to routinely gather information about natural populations at this basic level.



Molecular Markers Diagram



Molecular Markers Applications



Conservation Genetics

Conservation Genetics

Population Genetics

Genetics in Fisheries

See Walsh et al. (2010) Lake Sturgeon Genetic Guidelines for a thorough review of applications of genetic theory and data to lake sturgeon management


Extinction Vortex


Loss of Genetic Diversity



Genetics and Diversity Diagram